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Making soaps has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the last 10 years. Its popularity is well proven when gone for an online search using any reputed search engine like Google, as this search engine comes up with a plethora of web pages that are associated with the art of soap making at its best. The only drawback of this blissful process is that it is time taking, hectic and at times risky too which raises the question of bonanza that why many people of America has adjoined themselves to such a process that our forefathers wanted to overcome? The answer to this question is simple yet complicated.

Too Many Chemicals

The process of soap making is solely based on hard work that at times does not come up with quality returns. This is well put up by Oprah who exclaims that when a grandmother wanted her child to understand the process of soap making, the child refuses and tells that she can't see any point of value out of it. The ingredients that make up today's soap bar are Triclosan, Isopropyl alcohol, DEA and BHT well the list is almost endless. These chemicals that are found in abundance in your soap can act as the ultimate skin irritating agent. These agents harm the sensitive and normal skin and even at times provided patches and scars that last for a protracted period of time.

So why have today's soap turned into our skin enemy and the answer is commercialization. Sadly, the commercialization of soap is made from its key ingredient that is "glycerin". This is a mild agent that provides relief from skin irritation but this agent is being sold out by the soap companies to out shun another profit centre by the soap companies. And this acts in the favor of the Dermatologists who make a hard encore business by curing your skin related irritations.

Natural Homemade Soap

But the story is different when it comes to the natural homemade soap. The core ingredients of these soaps are olive oil, soybean oil, kitchen oils and coconut oils that provided nourishment and keeps your skin moisture in tact as the pH levels of these soap is almost neutral which goes mild for any skin type. Some of the key works of these soaps includes cleansing the skin, and even removing excess oil form oily skin. Thus, the advantage of handmade soap over commercial ones can be well witnessed on your skin as not only they provide proper cleaning experience but these handmade soaps are even considered beneficial for the body. Fragrance is the main essentiality of soaps and hence the handmade soaps are even available in many fragrances like vanilla, lavender and patchouli.

Good soaps can often turn addictive to both its users and makes; such is the magic and euphoria of soaps. Hence, it can rightfully be said that the world of soap making contains endless potential!

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian

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