From DIY to Thriving Business

Are you the type of craft person who has all your ideas piled up on their desk, strewn about on the floor, and tacked to the wall (or ceiling) around them? Or are you the type of person who has everything neatly organized by category in neat little boxes in the corner of your craft room?

I’m going to raise my hand and say I have a bit of the first in me, though I would much rather see all of the second in my craft room.

Let me make an argument for organization today. Organization and categorization are two very important ideas, especially if you want to take your crafting from hobby to business.

Why are they so important? The difference between your hobby and your business are one of time and precision. Your hobby you do in your spare time. Your business you work at, daily, in order to grow and thrive.

Your hobby you do when the moment, the thought, strikes you. Your business you set about with intentionality, working daily on the various aspects or threads of it, so you can weave together a collective whole and present it to a customer.

For this hobby to become a business you surely will need organization and categorization. There is no if, when, or but about it.

Read today’s article about becoming a bit more organized in the intentionality of your crafting, and continue to press on in the development of your business.

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A Little Extract For You Today

A little vanilla bean extract does everybody a lot of good! Vanilla bean extract is so easy to make, and it’s incredibly tasty when made at home.

Here’s a simple recipe to use to always have it on hand. Transform any of your baked goods with this sweet goodness. A great taste from a simple formula. Doesn’t get better than that.

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Fall Guy

I used to love the old TV show, The Fall Guy, with Lee Majors. He played a stunt man who was a part time bounty hunter. It was a lot of fun because he was always grabbing whatever was around him and using it to fight. It could be a chair, a pool stick, a pan, a cup…didn’t matter. If it wasn’t bolted down it was gonna be flying across the room and no time.

Fall is a great time for transitions…colors are changing, leaves are falling, nuts are dropping.

All of these things can be picked up an repurposed…there are so many little (and big! if you want) craft ideas you can do this year.

Take a look today at a few ideas we found for you.

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Alright, Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

That’s right…Vanilla Ice knew what he was talking about…

Crafting and creating is a great outlet for stress and energy. It is wonderful to see people utilize this outlet for a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook.

Such positivity is oftentimes shared, or desired to be shared, with those around you. As you spend time at craft shows or online at various art and craft websites, I’m sure you have come across other artisans who not only share you same fervor for all things “glue-gun-glueable,” but who also share a positive outlook on life.

What’s the natural step in this? Oftentimes people desire to meld their great ideas together and work on a new project that will be equally times thrilling and hopefully lucrative.

But when this happens a new level of crafting may come into play…what was once fun, vibrant, and enjoyable can suddenly turn stressful and even worrisome?

Why? Well, with that collaborative effort comes…well, collaboration. Collaboration with another person can be hard. We all have our own ideas as to how something should be done, and we oftentimes want to utilize those ideas for what we believe is the common good. But if we’re not careful, we may end up pushing those ideas upon somebody a little more forcefully than we should.

What we need for a great collaboration is a spirit of mutuality and respect. Think about this…when you come to the table to discuss your collaboration, don’t come to be heard but rather to hear.

Need some more suggestions on collaboration? We have them right here in today’s article. Take a look.

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A Lil DIY Elbow Grease

Who doesn’t love a little DIY to hack the system? Makes us feel accomplished…makes us feel like ninjas.

It can also save a life. What do I mean by that? Well, today’s DIY has to do with household cleaning products. If you’re like me, then you may be a little bit wary of certain cleaning products sold in the marketplace. A lot of them have harsh detergents; chemicals that aren’t all that friendly to us. Or perhaps we are simply allergic.

Today’s 12 DIY household cleaning products may be just the thing for you, then. Take a look and put a lil elbow grease into it.

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Maple Leaves On My Mind

Depending on where you live in the country, you may definitely have access to falling leaves still. Leaves can be quite beautiful, especially if preserved and later repurposed on gifts or as wrapping.

Take a moment to look at this method of leave preservation that you may find helpful and simple for this holiday season.

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Stay Sharp, My Friends!

Being the crafties that you are, I’m sure there are two things that you always have on hand: Your glue gun and your rotary blade.

I also bet that you not only have them on you, but you take care of them because these are the tools of your trade, er…craft.

Well, today we have a nice, simple way of caring for one of those weapons in your armament: the rotary blade.

Would you like it to last a bit longer than the norm? In other words, want to learn how to keep it sharp and cutting evenly for longer periods of time?

I’m sure you get tired of exchanging that blade out all the time…all because you want that sharp edge and precise cut. And you know as well as I do, changing out those blades costs a bit of money. Things can add up over time, especially when you have glue sticks to buy!

So what can you do? Well, a simple trick to keep that blade healthy and stealthily sharp. It follows the same concept as sharpening a knife. But instead of using an expensive sharpening tool, you have a simple and easy alternative (read: cheap) already in place at home.

What is it? A bit of tin foil.

Want to know what to do with it and how to use it? Well, take a look at today’s article.

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Better Than a Business Card

What’s that you say? What could be better than a business card? How about a personalized paperclip to go with that business card?

When you pass out your business card to people at trade shows, it’s really just another card that goes into their hand, perhaps their wallet, but most likely out the door soon after.

However, if you attach that card with a personalized paper clip to either a business brochure or the receipt, you are giving people a visual anchor to remember you by.

Think about it, visualize it, and read the article.

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Piggy Bank for the Little Munchkins

Even though Halloween is over now, this is still a great idea for the holiday season. We have for you today a little “piggy bank” that you can fill with your tyke’s favorite candies.  You may want to repurpose this as a Christmas gift and fill it with some yummy candies for the little tykes in your midst.

Or who knows, maybe you don’t have to be so little to enjoy this one. You can have it filled with some awesome candies for your best friend and put a bow on it.

Anything you do, this one will be nice, and very easy to make.

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Make Your Little Guys Big Heroes With This Fun Craft

We loved seeing the movie Big Hero 6 over the weekend. It’s a lot of fun for the family with great jokes and a great message. Great for the kids and even adults (who I know!) that have the big kid inside of them.

C’mon, everybody loves a hero! And now, with this new craft, you can carry around your own Big Hero 6 in your pocket. We have a fun little craft you can do together with your loved ones. It’s really simple, and so you can give the joy of having your young ones create the majority of this on their own.

It’s a tin carrying case made out of an altoids case. Now, to go along with one of the running gags in the movie, this is purposed to carry bandages. But you can actually use it to carry anything, and the design will still carry through.

The supplies are very simple and easy to obtain. It will be a lot of fun to do with your younger girls and guys and they will certainly enjoy carrying this around in their own back packs. That’s another reason why I think you can repurpose it. Instead of just having it hold bandages, let them use it as a carrying case for almost anything (well, anything that will fit into the case).

So take a look at the full (and simple) article, and have fun together.

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