Write Clear Titles for Your Soap

Let’s say you have a wonderful soap or craft product and sales aren’t what they should be. The people who have used the product love it so what’s the product. The issue could be that your craft’s name is too fancy or ambiguous.

Clever puns or catchy names serve big companies well, but that’s because they have an established name and brand. “Dark Midnight Soap” might sound good, but ask yourself “What does it tell me?” I don’t know what’s in “Dark Midnight Soap.” Is it meant to wash my body, my hands, or my dishes? What does it smell like? So if your soap isn’t selling, try altering its name to something clearer. It might create a major difference in sales. For more about clearer titles, click here:: Clear, Not Clever Titling

Holiday Greetings This Year Makes More Craft Sales Next Year

After a good year of craft or soap sales, it is important to take a moment and reflect upon all that has happened in the past year. The holiday season is a time for appreciation and expressing that to those you care about. Why not show an additional appreciation to your craft customers?

As corny as it sounds, putting a personal touch helps customers remind themselves of you, reminds them of your products, and forges a connection. Writing a small note or an email thanking your customers for their business lets them know that there is a person behind the craft or soap they bought. Heck, if they subscribe to your newsletter, maybe add in a special coupon code for their next purchase as a thank you. It can only help create a bond and continued business into the New Year. For more on this topic, please click here:: The Importance of Customer Holiday Greetings


A Simple Letter Can Get a Store to Sell Your Soap

Your online soap/craft shop is doing well and you sell out your wares at craft expos and the farmer’s market. You have plenty of positive feedback from customers wanting more and you think it might be time to expand. Well, there’s that boutique shop downtown that would be the perfect place to sell your soap. So why not ask?

First, either in person or over the phone, politely explain who you are, what you can offer, and who on the store staff you can send samples to. Next, write a detailed cover letter to that person detailing who you are, what products you sell, how they would be a good fit for the store, and the URL of your website for them to see what you create. Also, include some samples of your more popular soaps and oils for them to try. After a week, follow up and keep following up at least five times for an answer. Follow these steps and you’ll likely find another venue for your wares. For a full article on this topic, click here:: Writing an Introduction Letter to Buyers: Ask for the Sale

Turn Dollar Store Items Into Quality Christmas Crafts

Believe it or not, there are several crafts you can make to decorate your home or give to loved ones without breaking the bank. Using items from the dollar store, you can make creative holiday wreathes out of spoons, holiday centerpieces, snowman goblets, and more! For a full list of ideas and inexpensive inspirations, click here:: 6 Dollar Store Craft Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

When It Comes to Craft Products, Show AND Tell

If you are doing it right, many craft products showcased on your craft shop or soap shop website have wonderful photos of your craft. When it comes to crafts that are more applicable than art pieces, you likely have some shots of how your craft is used and in action. If you’re smart, you’ll also have a detailed description of the product written next to the photo letting the buyer know the craft’s details and uses. Job’s done, right? No!

If you have crafts such as bath oils, facial scrubs, or other crafts that would require application or assembly, your customer base will appreciate instructions on how your product can be used to its fullest. Keep in mind that many customers are buying your craft soaps as gifts for their friends, so those people probably didn’t even visit your webpage. Including a small note with instructions (example: “Use with cold water for best results”) can eliminate all doubt. Remember how frustrating it is to assemble an IKEA bookcase with just the pictures? Don’t let that happen to your product. For more on this topic, click here:: Staffed by Mimes