Don’t Forget to Include ‘Relax’ Into Your Soap-Making Schedule

Creating and running an online soap shop is a labor of love. You love making fresh soap for customers and coming up with new ideas for products. You even enjoy the busyness of running your own business, filling out orders, and running your social media. However, too many soap crafters burn out too quickly. You have schedule some time for yourself.

Take some time every day to meditate on your success. Enjoy a good book for 20 minutes. Go out for a run or go to the gym. Business owners have to take care of their employee, so start with you yourself. For more on taking a breath and enjoying success, click here:: Celebrate. Plan. Succeed.

Don’t Be Discouraged! Experiment with Your Soaps!

You’ve answered your calling and have decided to make your own soap! This is exciting and you’ve mastered making soap from established recipes. Now you’ve tried to make an original soap of your own design and recipe… and it stinks. Really bad.

Don’t get discouraged! None of the established recipes that you have used to perfection were perfect to begin with. Try again using different amounts of materials or replacing certain scents with others. Experimentation is a part of the fun and making an original soap can put your craft shop on the map. For more on soap experimentation, click here:: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Soap Soap Again!

Making Your Craft Soap Shop Focused

Have you ever gone into a specialty store and wonder, “Why do they sell that?” For example, years ago Sharper Image, a store best known for top of the line electronics, sold Trump Steaks at their stores. An electronics store sold meat. Doesn’t make sense does it? That’s why Sharper Image stopped selling steaks.

The point is this: don’t sell steak when you sell soap. There are too many craft shops that lose focus and try to sell things that won’t appeal to the customers you bring in. So take a look at your inventory and honestly ask yourself if one customer would feasibly be interested in buying at least one of everything you sell. If your ideal customer you are trying to win over won’t consider it, toss it from your inventory. For more details and tips on how keep your craft shop’s focus, click here:: How to Create a Cohesive Shop