Is Optimism a Craft Business Danger?

It is a dream to make a living working and creating from home. However, many times a person’s attempt at that dream can turn into a nightmare. Many believe naysaying isn’t being negative, but protects people from heartbreak by having realistic expectations. But is that really true?

Having faith that things will work out is helpful and keeps a positive creative mindset, which is important. Being negative will make you afraid to try. However, a healthy bit of worry can make you proactive and go the extra mile to ensure success. Don’t be positive or negative. Be both. For more on having faith in your craft shop business, click here:: Is it dangerous to have faith in a positive outcome?

Soften Lips with Homemade Lip Balm

You can easily make your own customized lip balm at home. With some beeswax, almond oil, and coconut oil, you’ll be able keep your lips moist and soft. You can even add different flavored essential oils to create an assortment of lip balms for you and your soap shop customers. Get the full tutorial here:: Tutorial Lip Balm

Podcasts That’ll Inspire Your Craft Shop Business

When you’re in the middle of making soap or sewing or knitting, it might be nice to listen to some podcasts while you’re working. So why not listen to ones that can give you some craft business tips? Elise Gets Crafty has episodes that give insight about starting up an online craft shop and working from home. The Improve Photography podcast gives some insight on how to take better photos of your crafts. For more podcast recommendations, click here:: 10 Podcasts to Help Your Business Thrive

Make Less Soap Mess


Handcrafting soap can be a messy and trying time for the first few times. It can be difficult to figure out how to balance out the right ingredients so you make a great soap that is gentle to the skin, tough on dirt, has a decent scent, and won’t fall apart. There are a number of factors to look out for.

When a soap is too lye-heavy, it can be too dry to the touch and irritate the skin. Too little lye will prevent the soap from hardening into the bar shape and melt in your hands. Soaping at higher temperatures can create cracks when you’re using hard oils and butters. For more handmade soap problems and solutions, please click here:: Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide