How Much Soap Should Fill a Mold?

When making soap it’s important to have a quality soap mold. It’s the best way to easily shape and cut your soap into cubes and bars. However, it can tricky to calculate the amount of soap you need to fill your soap mold without being too short and without overflowing it.

First, when you get your soap mold, measure the amount of space in your mold by cubic inches. Next, take that volume figure and multiply it by .40 to determine the amount of oils needed in the recipe. Enter that amount into a lye calculator and you’ll know how much soap you’ll need to fill up that mold efficiently. For a full article about filling up different sized and shaped soap molds, click here:: Calculating the Size/Amount of Soap to Fill a Soap Mold

Check Out This Rain-Activated Artwork

There is a unique take on street art happening in Seattle. The artist Peregrine Church has developed an art technique using stencils and superhydrophobic spray that allow him to create art that only appears when it rains. The spray’s compound allows the artwork to remain clear until water hits it, making it undetectable on sunny days. For a full article on Church and a video about his water-based works, click here:: This Invisible Art is Activated by Rain

Organize Your Soap Marketing Without Stress

Marketing your soap shop is nearly as important as making the soap itself. Keeping up with email newsletters, tweeting, posting on Facebook, and other means to promote your soap can pile up. It doesn’t have to be stressful though.

First, each day give yourself some down time. It will help you reassess your needs and calm yourself to create a plan for yourself. Set some blocks of time aside for each of your social media and marketing so you can address them every day without becoming consumed by it. It will help you attack from all sides without exhausting you. For more on organizing your marketing, please click here:: Getting My Day Organized – Marketing Calendar

Perk Up as You Wash Up with Café Latte Soap

You can make a great soap infused with coffee and milk that can eradicate unwanted scents from hands, exfoliate your skin, and perk you up during the morning shower. This Café Latte soap can be easily made at home using coffee grounds, goat’s milk, coconut oil, and sodium hydroxide. It makes a great soap for the bathroom sink or for the homes of your soap shop customers. Get the full recipe here:: Cafe Latte Goat’s Milk Soap Recipe

Basic Care for Silicone Soap Molds

Silicone molds are great to use to make soap. They’re durable, flexible, and make unmolding easy. In order to keep your molds in tip-top condition, however, you’ll need to learn how to clean them.

Silicone molds are fairly easy to take care of. Once soap is removed from the mold, use a sponge and dish washing liquid to remove any leftover soap, then spray the mold with rubbing alcohol, wait 20 minutes, then spray the mold with alcohol again. Wipe it all up with a paper towel and your mold will be ready for the next batch. For more on soap mold care, click here:: How to Care for Silicone & Wood Molds

Want Extra Soap Sales? Try a Flea Market!

While selling soap online and in craft fairs will likely get you the best profit, you can also sell your handcrafted soaps in local flea markets. Despite the name, there are many flea markets that don’t sell junk or overstocked merchandise, but also some that have booths available to sell crafts and soaps to customers. For a full article on flea markets and crafts, click here:: The Insiders’ Guide to the World’s Best Flea Markets