9 Natural soap plants for making lye-free soap

Making soaps at home is gaining in popularity, although the activity is only a return to traditional ways of soap making. The current trend is making the soap without lye and there are plants rich in saponin that can help you in that regard. Many soap makers are not familiar with this option, and sharing information between the makers can help make this better method more widespread. The process you need to implement is to melt and pour, and you add color and scent in the form of oils. Once complete, you can pour the mixture into molds to cool and harden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soap has a way of pulling oil and grime away from hard surfaces and then water washes that oil and grime away.
  • To extract saponin from plants all you have to do is boil the plant in hot water and the saponin will be removed.
  • Some saponin rich plants include English ivy, California soaproot and Buffaloberry. These plants can all be boiled.

“Soap isn’t the only surfactant out there though, and some plants produce another in such high amounts that we can use it as soap.”

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