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A lil peppermint bubble cake bath…

…to exfoliate those worries right out of your skin.

Here’s a great recipe we are excited to try ourselves and then share with everybody around us. This is sure to be a DIY gift-pleaser this year. In fact, you may love this yourself so much that you’ll have a hard time parting with it.

But share the wealth and let others enjoy, just as much as you do, this wonderfully vibrant and refreshing bubble bath soap.

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One to Keep an Eye On

A new craft show is coming our way to give us a whole new avenue of crafting and how to’s before our eyes. It’s about paying it forward and blessing the lives of others. Enjoy!

This will be a great show from two ladies that I have learned a lot from. The great thing about it is that you will be able to see them work the crafts right in front of you, rather than just reading and looking at pictures on a blog. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine those in between steps on blogs…but with this new program you’ll see it all before your very eyes.

Read here for the full announcement: Craft If Forward With U Create

Take a look at the promotional video…

A Little Extract For You Today

A little vanilla bean extract does everybody a lot of good! Vanilla bean extract is so easy to make, and it’s incredibly tasty when made at home.

Here’s a simple recipe to use to always have it on hand. Transform any of your baked goods with this sweet goodness. A great taste from a simple formula. Doesn’t get better than that.

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Fall Guy

I used to love the old TV show, The Fall Guy, with Lee Majors. He played a stunt man who was a part time bounty hunter. It was a lot of fun because he was always grabbing whatever was around him and using it to fight. It could be a chair, a pool stick, a pan, a cup…didn’t matter. If it wasn’t bolted down it was gonna be flying across the room and no time.

Fall is a great time for transitions…colors are changing, leaves are falling, nuts are dropping.

All of these things can be picked up an repurposed…there are so many little (and big! if you want) craft ideas you can do this year.

Take a look today at a few ideas we found for you.

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A Lil DIY Elbow Grease

Who doesn’t love a little DIY to hack the system? Makes us feel accomplished…makes us feel like ninjas.

It can also save a life. What do I mean by that? Well, today’s DIY has to do with household cleaning products. If you’re like me, then you may be a little bit wary of certain cleaning products sold in the marketplace. A lot of them have harsh detergents; chemicals that aren’t all that friendly to us. Or perhaps we are simply allergic.

Today’s 12 DIY household cleaning products may be just the thing for you, then. Take a look and put a lil elbow grease into it.

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Maple Leaves On My Mind

Depending on where you live in the country, you may definitely have access to falling leaves still. Leaves can be quite beautiful, especially if preserved and later repurposed on gifts or as wrapping.

Take a moment to look at this method of leave preservation that you may find helpful and simple for this holiday season.

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Better Than a Business Card

What’s that you say? What could be better than a business card? How about a personalized paperclip to go with that business card?

When you pass out your business card to people at trade shows, it’s really just another card that goes into their hand, perhaps their wallet, but most likely out the door soon after.

However, if you attach that card with a personalized paper clip to either a business brochure or the receipt, you are giving people a visual anchor to remember you by.

Think about it, visualize it, and read the article.

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Piggy Bank for the Little Munchkins

Even though Halloween is over now, this is still a great idea for the holiday season. We have for you today a little “piggy bank” that you can fill with your tyke’s favorite candies.  You may want to repurpose this as a Christmas gift and fill it with some yummy candies for the little tykes in your midst.

Or who knows, maybe you don’t have to be so little to enjoy this one. You can have it filled with some awesome candies for your best friend and put a bow on it.

Anything you do, this one will be nice, and very easy to make.

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Jack’s Back

Here’s a great Christmas idea for you this year…instead of making Christmas cookies make Jack Snack Soaps!

You remember Jack, he’s the crazy skeleton who tried to steal Christmas in Tim Burton’s unique (read: crafty!) and eventful movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Why soap? Because just like Jack tried to steal Christmas and do things his way, you can create soap and leave in your bathroom this holiday…it will look so good people won’t know whether to use it or eat it.

Take a look at the picture and instructions and go get your craft on, you crafties!

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