From Hobby to Career

One of the beautiful things about this craft hobby we have and love so much is the fact that if you love it to death, and are passionate about it, then it can definitely become more than just a hobby. It can become a career. That’s what has happened for many people I know, friends who have been passionate about their craft, who are really great at it, and have found some success about it.

Their passion has taken them from the local craft show to stores on etsy and portfolios on pinterest. This growing trend has been absolutely awesome and awe-inspiring to watch.

Maybe you have a desire to grow more in this area and are wondering how to start. Well, if you do find yourself thinking about such things, we have a little treat for you today. The Weapons of Mass Creation is a conference held every year focused on those who are building there own brand craft companies. It gives ideas, direction, and even stories from others who have gone before to inspire.

The nice thing about this conference is that they place many of their speakers presentations online, and you can take a look today at this wonderful conference and find a bit (or my guess is “a lot a bit”) of inspiration from these awesome crafties.

Watch and be inspired! Take a look here for one of the videos, and then take the jump for some more goodness:

Now take the jump…

Read the full article here: Weapons of Mass Creation

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