Find Out How Sweat (and Sex) Inspired a Successful Soap Biz

Carina was inspired by her boyfriend’s sweat to create a soap business for people who want to get clean and straight to business in their relationship. At first she didn’t understand the terminology around financing but decided to use the Soapmakers to Moneymakers program to learn more. She wanted to know how to grow a brand and manage the financial aspects. She said holding off on her business until she knew more was the best thing she could do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carina used the eight-week program Soapmaker to Moneymaker to help get her business started.
  • In particular, Carina recommends the modules Money Talks and Brand Me.
  • Carina built an Instagram community, a growing email list, and an on-brand website.

“If you’re like most women, you make that stinky man hop in the shower before laying a finger on you.”

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