Lavender Oat Foaming Bath Salts

These bath salts are perfect for soaking in a tub with because they are soothing and good for sore muscles, because they contain magnesium, which is perfect for your muscles, especially if you have been working them tirelessly. These bath salts are made with two unique types of bath salts that prevent clumping. It also contains a dye that turns the water a pretty purple color and the lavender scent is great for aromatherapy. These salts will give you a spa like experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lavender oil is a great oil to use because it can help sooth muscles, prevent inflammation and it smells nice.
  • Dendritic salt has more surface area than regular salt and is better at absorbing things so it holds fragrances better.
  • When you are mixing together the bath salts you should wear a mask to prevent inhalation of materials and dust.

“They are dendritic salts and Natrasorb. Both have very unassuming INCIs—sodium chloride and tapioca starch, respectively, so they’re quite unassuming on ingredient labels, but they’re both quite different from plain ol’ table salt and tapioca starch.”

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