Natural Color Infusions for Salt Bar Soap

A salt bar has about 50 percent of it’s oil weight as salt. Sea salt works great and you can also add color infusions that look natural. With natural ingredients like Turmeric, Alkanet Root, Ratan Jot, Paprika you can infuse amazing color into your soap bar. By filling up jars with coconut oil and placing these ingredients on top. You can let them sit in a warm place until the color naturally combines. You can also boil for fast infusion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some good powders to use for coloring include turmeric, paprika, alkanet root and ratan jot.
  • You will either need a cold or warm infusion in order to get the soap to turn the specific color you’re looking for.
  • Your results will vary depending on how long you allow the oil and colorants to infuse with each other, so mess around with the timing until you get results you love.

“Simply place the jars of coconut oil and herb powder in a warm place. Your coconut oil needs to be melted in order for the infusion to work. Place in a warm sunny window or outside if it is warm where you live. You can infuse for a couple of days or even weeks! If your coconut oil will not stay melted…it will not infuse. Try a warm infusion.”

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