Product Testing: Five Tips to do it Better

When on a quest to develop a product that you can proudly stand behind, product testing will always be an integral part of the production process. Your first step in product testing should be researching the specific product you want to learn about. Instead of just clicking on the first link that you’re met with, take the time to really delve into extensive information so that you can jot down important notes such as the product’s final goal, as well as its sources and ingredients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Testing is unavoidable. Take the time to create a product you are proud of and can stand behind.
  • Be smart about the testing to reduce the time and resources necessary to create that ideal product.
  • Keep copious notes. If you are not a note keeper by personality, it is a valuable skill to develop.

“To test scents in product, make a larger batch and separate smaller parts off by weight. Add scent and package. This works to test multiple scents and their effects on the product. It also works to test the intensity.”

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