Rock Soaps

Making rock soap is an interesting way to enjoy soap. The process and recipe should only take an hour. This is a simple way to make soap look like rocks. One of the processes that gives the soap the color, texture and rock like appearance is the activated charcoal. The mixture when it has been mixed needs to be chilled in a freezer. After the freezer the soaps will be ready to use. The soaps can add a decorative touch to the bathroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding sodium lactate to the lye solution is beneficial when using partially enclosed moulds.
  • Olive, coconut, castor and sunflower oils are used along with Shea butter.
  • The curing stage will take about six to eight weeks before the soap can be used.

“Soap stones, rock soaps, soap pebbles, whatever you want call them, are so much fun to make and they look AMAZING!”

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