Tips for Making and Cutting Salt Bars in Loaf Molds

The amount of salt you need to use for these salt bars makes them very firm pretty quickly, so you will want to find the perfect window to cut the soap into pieces. If you wait too long to cut the loaf soap, then you will just end up with bars that crumble instead of staying together. You will want the loaves to be warm and semi firm to the touch to get them to be perfectly cut without crumbling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making salt soap in loaf molds is tricky and the bars might come out crumbly. You can try to avoid this by cutting while they are still warm.
  • You can use a spatula after pouring your mold to create a bit of texture and uniqueness to your soap.
  • You can also use freezer paper to have slits in the mold pour. This way the bars are split up from each other.

“Cut the loaf into bars when the is still setup but still warm! There is a short window after you pour your soap from when it changes from fluid to setup enough to cut, without being crumbly. It will still usually be warm to the touch. I’ve had this window occur anywhere from 20 minutes after pouring up to 1 hour.”

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