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Vanilla Bath Salt


"Positively the world's finest soap.
You have spoiled my family."

Zoom Tracey

"Very pleasant scents. Had to share though, oh well, just have
to buy more!"

In August or September, I bought several loaves of soap from you in various scents. It is all wonderful and I cut and wrapped 71 bars of soap so far. I gave it away to everyone I could think of for
part of their Christmas gifts. EVERYBODY LOVES IT. Hopefully, they'll want to know who I got from. I know there is a heck of a lot of difference from a bar of soap and your handmade treasures. I ordered these last two for me (plus ) the Patchouli ones I kept (noone gets my patchouli!) I was having a fit that I would run short before I had the money to buy more. I gave it to coworkers, and friends who reminisced about the Jergens Lotion that smelled like cherries. I gave it to younger nephews and sisters who went wild about the peppermint. (ok, I let my one sis have some patchouli.....) She's a patchouli and lavender fiend. I even had a coworker allergic to scent and I gave her several of the unscented bars. My son gave it away to his friends. They went nuts over it. I gave most of the people harmony balls along with the soaps and I thought that would be a unique gift. ALL I hear about is the soap."
Christy Todd

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Vanilla Bath Salt

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Vanilla Bath Salt


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