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A Fruit that Breathers a New Life onto Humanís Soul!

OLIVE Olive oil is one of the most wanted products these days. Itís involvement in medicine and beauty care made it the most wanted product worldwide. But most of the Americans are ignorant that unprocessed olives are poisonous. They need to be cured so as to be safely eaten. Although these olives were the economic base on which antiquated civilizations flourished, nowadays olives became adjuvant part of the typical Yankee diet. To understand the importance of olives, letís go back to ancient Greek civilization. Ancient Greeks judged a civilization based on its competence in olive cultivation. They are treated with utmost importance as they are believed to have magical attributes besides their uses in food and medicine. Even athletes used to rub olive leaves over their body as it acts as a lenitive.

Letís go back to 5th century B.C. where olive cultivation truly flourished. Olive tree is believed to have been gifted by the goddess Athena by Greeks. No other agricultural crop those days could compete with oliveís economical and medicinal values. Yes, demand for olive grew rapidly with the increase in its wide uses in medical, beauty care etc. The second king of United Kingdom of Israel, King David had appointed security guards for protecting his warehouses and groves filled with precious olive. These olive trees in those days possessed such an importance in Greece that one could be sentence to death for cutting down olive trees. Also, this is the only crop to have survived in those rocky fields and to have separate ships made for its transportation through the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Romans are said to have smeared olive over their body as a moisturiser

after bathing.

These olive trees were also planted in homes by some people who believe in evils to debar those evil spirits. Talking about medicinal values, itís believed that olive leaves when worn bring back all the wealth and luck to the person wearing them. Also, itís is believed that consuming olive ensure fertility and sexual potency in men. Even compound products like medicines and cosmetics are mixed with olive products and some herbs and plants like fennel, cress, and juniper, sage rose, celery and mint and other herbs. Soap makers during ancient times discovered that olive oil when mixed with waters from volcanic streams gave rise to some soapy bubbles and this discovery led them to manufacture todayís olive soaps.

Over years, olive oil withheld its position as the best oil to be used in making the best soaps and cosmetics. Rich in vitamin ĎE,í olive oil is still a natural protector for your skin. Yes, olive when mixed with water goes deeper into your skin and acts as a natural cleansing agent. Not just skin related problems, olive and its products are even used to heal cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer etc. So, now you might have understood that thereís nothing like olive in the market to compete with. Hence itís one of the most recommended and mostly used products by everyone even today. So, we recommend you olive oil for better living.

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