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A Polished Soap Pricing Primer

You have created a lovely soap that is sure to sell, but the question remains: what price should you charge for it? There are a number of factors to consider including the cost of ingredients, shipping, and the labor it took to make it. However, there are some pricing strategies that you can easily implement.

You can charge your soap at premium pricing in order to get the maximum amount of money, which can be profitable but will lower your sales overall. You can also go the other direction and keep your prices lower than other soap shops in order to compete, but that could be costly if you aren’t careful. You could always fit in with the crowd by charging a similar rate as other online soap shops, but you’d have to find a way to stand out in order to draw more customer attention. There are pros and cons to any pricing scenario. For more details on this topic, click here:: 3 Pricing Strategies for Small Business

Making Cheap Yet Effective Soap Content Marketing

Making and perfecting soaps is the primary goal for a successful online soap shop, however engaging with customers online helps keep them coming back to shop for more. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to interact with prospective buyers, but many customers can find out you and your character through a blog. What’s a good way to create cheap-yet-quality blog content that’ll keep them coming back?

Perhaps shoot a tutorial video on your smartphone on how to make one of your soaps so customers can get a behind the scenes look. If you are involved in a network with other crafters and soap makers, maybe interview them for your blog and offer to link their website, too. There are a number of ways to make great content that will keep customers coming back to read and to buy. For more suggestions on how to create cheap blogging content, click here:: 3 Steps to Performing Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Mother’s Day Ideas to Ponder

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to put your creativity to use for a great day for mom. Maybe gather all the children together to go on a family bike ride or a picnic. If the weather isn’t favorable, gather together to bake something as a family or have a tea party all set up with Mom as the guest of honor. For more creative Mother’s Day ideas for crafters, please click here:: 11 Ideas for a Mother’s Day to Remember

How to Make Soaps More Giftable

Many of your soap shop customers are buying items for themselves, but there are a great number of potential customers looking to buy a soap gift for their friend. There are ways to plant the gift idea into potential customer’s heads in order to increase your sales. What are some ways to make soap appeal as a gift to others?

Well, you can make casual mentions in an item’s description to make a soap “giftable” such as “makes a great stocking stuffer” or “perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift” or whatever the soap can be applied. You can also make an option for free or cheap wrapping with a note to further encourage gift purchases. For more tips on how to make your soap more “giftable,” click here:: How to Make Your Products More Giftable