Soapmaking Books to Create Your Own Handmade Soaps

There are tons of tutorials and other resources online for making soap. This works for some people but books still take the cake for being an all in one resource that doesn’t leave anything out. I have a few recommendations based on my own experience. Simple and Natural Soapmaking by Jan Berry has a lot of great palm-free recipes. The Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch goes into depth with making cold pressed soaps as well as other great similar products like laundry soap. Read the rest of the list for more recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jan Berry is a longtime soap-maker that also goes by the sobriquet the nerdy farm wife.
  • Berry is a teacher, herbalist, author and of course veteran soap creator.
  • Berry’s tome, Simple and Natural Soap-making, is the book to get tips and techniques for creating handmade cold process soaps.

“I particularly love that Professor Dunn shows you how to make small single bar quantities of soap for testing purposes and encourages you to experiment to see how various fatty acid profiles in oils create different qualities of soap.”

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