Which Soap Making Process is Best?

You love the smell and feel of handcrafted soaps and you wish to expand your creativity to make some yourself. However, there are a number of ways to make soap that may or may not be right for you due to your skills, equipment, or interest. What are the primary methods to make great soap?

Melt and pour soap is probably the easiest way to start making soap since you don’t have to work with lye and just need to add fragrances and ingredients to the soap base. Cold process or Hot process soap, however, allows you completely make a custom soap from scratch and allows you more control over every ingredient you add to your soap. Milling soap allows you to make a soap with a cold process or hot process then refining with it a second time with additional ingredients or colors. For more details on these soap making processes, click here:: What Method of Soapmaking is Right for You?

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