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The wonderful unique qualities of each different type of handmade soap is directly related to the combination of different types of oils used in each individual recipe. In order to make a fluffy lather you would use a different type of oil than if you wanted an oil that would provide soothing qualities. If you need a soap that was good for oily skin, that would be different from soap that clears up oily skin. The oils that make each soap bar would be the determining factor as to the qualities that each soap is trying to attain. Almost all bars of soap contain some coconut oil.

Coconut oil is the main oil used that causes a soap to create a great lather. I have seen some soap makers suggest that having more than 25% coconut in a recipe would cause the soap to dry out the skin. I have found that this is not always true and it depends on which other oils are present in the recipe. If it is combined with another lathering oil such as castor oil then this might be the case. But when combined with other oils that have mostly moisturizing qualities then you have found a really good match of oils.

I have been making olive oil soap now for about seven years and continue to make olive oil soap because I find it to be a superior oil that offers moisturizing properties that cannot be beat. This is an amazing soap making oil that has stood the test of time and continues to show us fantastic results time after time.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian

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