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Botanical: Syringa vulgaris
Family: N.O. Oleaceae
Plant Portion: Leaves and fruit
Extraction Method: Steam distilled.
Origin: Eastern Europe and Persia
Description: Lilac is found as a shrub or small tree. It can sprout up to be twenty feet tall, though more commonly is found as four to five feet high shrub. It has many shoots and leaves that are usually heat shaped or ovate.
Color: The color lilac originates from this shrubs flower, commonly seen as a light purple.
Historical Uses: -Lilac was used as a vermifuge in 19th century America, also as a tonic anti-periodic and febrifuge. Has been used as a substitute for aloe. Medicially used as an early treatment of malaria.
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History: Brought to England around the time of king Henry VIII it was mentioned in an inventory taken by Oliver Cromwell in Norwich. Wildly popular among gardeners everywhere for its mild floral smell it now commonly grown in gardens all over the world.
Mixes with:freesia, lily,lavender