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Free soap cutter with your initial order only!

Wire soap cutter, slicer designed for our soap loaves.

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Sorry, our soap cutters are no longer for sale
only available for free with bulk purchase.


The main reason we started to offer soap cutters to our customers was
because of the difficulty we had cuttung our sea salt soap. This soap is
called soap scrubs on our loaves page. It took us about 3 months to get the parts and design right. Our customers have been enjoying these
sopa cutters for almost 10 years now.The key from our perspective
was getting and wire that was both sturdy and flexible. Cheese wire seems to do the trick. We offer replacement wires to any customers who
accidently break their wires.We have found that with a little bit of practice you can cut two loaves a minute. This an amazing time saver.
Cut your bars the day before you are going to wrap them. This allows the soap to develop a skin so that the lables do ot stick to the surface of
the bar. We may even let them sit with a fan blowing on them for two nights in the humid summer season.Pleae contact us if you have any
questions about how to obtain your own free soap cutter. Thanks

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