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We have been making wholesale soap for more than 10 years now. We get a series of questions over and over again about how a small business person should effectively market their soap. In this article we will attempt to share some of the ideas that our customers have shared with us during the last several years. if you would like to contribute to this article, please send us an email with your story and we will share it with our customers.

The first thing I always tell my soap re-sellers is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The easiest way to do this is to sell fragrances that not everyone else has. We carry a very distinctive line of soap and we believe this is one of the reasons we have had success in our market. Yes, everyone must carry lavender and an oatmeal milk and honey soap, but after that your line should truly open up and be distinct to your brand and your company. Once you have settled on great fragrances you then need to invest some serious effort in making unique packaging that clearly speaks to your brand. I have seen one of our customers insist on the idea that "cute sells" and completely agree. Check out pinterest and other artistic sites and decide on a cute idea with your own twist. One hundred percent unique packaging probably does not exist, and a new twist on a successful old idea is a good starting point. From extensive surveys of all of our customers we find that trying to sell exclusively online is not going to get you enough sales to pay for supplies and keep your interest. The most successful customers of ours have a varied marketing approach that always includes physical sales outlets, usually a weekend market of some kind. The key here is to be persistent.

Other vendors are never going to tell you about their most successful weekends. The only way to know for sure is by trial and error. Thought you can go to the most successful crafter websites and find out where they are going to be on any given weekend. They usually list their events somewhere on their website. They have already done much of the legwork for you.

The other key is to try and find great complimentary partners who have similar products. Sometimes they may want to carry your products and you may want to carry theirs. More likely however is that you can do joint marketing efforts. Their may be a weekend where you are not available and the can man a booth for you and you can return the favor. If they have been marketing for longer than you have they will know the most profitable markets and may have many other ideas that will will help you endlessly.

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