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Handmade Soap

Since the day The Soap Guy synthesized this special creation, everyone working on them fell in love with its incredible essence! The aroma has a promiscuous tart scent which goes along with a deep plum fragrance. Anyone who did not think that plums would want to make someone take a bath has never been near this delicacy. Not only does this soap clean, but soothes and promotes good healthy skin. Although this is a really nice smelling aroma, the health benefits are the reasons customers buy this soap and leave heart felt reviews. Just like the Soap Guy, this soap will teach you good things in life so important, it could significantly change your outlook of life itself. Its like being true to yourself.
Wild Plum Description

"Positively the worlds finest soap. You have spoiled my family."
Zoom Tracey
You might find that you don't want to tell anyone else about this fragrance, we wouldn't blame you. Just tart enough to change your whole perception of wild plum.
handmade soap  

Wild Plum
1 five ounce bar
$4.95 each

Wild Plum
1 dozen five ounce bars
$47.95 each


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