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Why is coffee soap becoming so popular? Could it be just a spill over from the Starbucks(coffee shop) rage. Some people use that energizing smell of coffee to get them going in the morning. All kinds of coffee soaps are now available. Almost as many different kinds as you would find in your local coffee shop.

Old fashioned coffee soap was actually made with large quantities of lye in relation to the oil content. This made for a harsh soap. Nowadays coffee soap is as mild as any other soap. With combination of other kitchen scents you can get a wonderful coffee soap that has a great combination of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple, pumpkin or any other kitchen scent. All of these fragrances make great additions to gift baskets. Coffee and tea are naturals in gift baskets and now there soaps that fit the general theme of coffee and kitchen scents. Crafters love to add any type of handcrafted item to their gift baskets to give that crafty appeal.

Many coffee shops now are adding coffee scented soaps as a new item for their customers. It is a unique item that makes for an unusual gift. With so many of the retailers offering items with little distinction, creative unusual handmade soap offers customers a choice that is creative and crafty at the same time. This is the type of product that a retailer likes to offer as it keeps customers coming back, because they know that this retailer offers unique products that make a gift purchased at this establishment to be thoughtful unique gift. If you have a friend who cannot get by without their daily fix of super duper strong coffee shop coffee, this soap would be a natural for them. Get a variety of coffee soap and let them indulge. I'm sure your thoughtful gift selection will be greatly appreciated.

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