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Our wholesale soap loaves are perfect for retailers and businesses seeking premium handmade soaps to enchant their customers. Immerse yourself in the world of artisanal soapmaking and elevate your product offerings with our exceptional wholesale soap loaves.

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Wild Passion Cold Process Soap

What is Cold Process Soap?

Cold process soap is a traditional method of soap making that involves mixing oils or fats with lye (sodium hydroxide) and water. This mixture undergoes a natural chemical reaction called saponification, where the oils and lye combine to form soap and glycerin. This method allows for greater control over the ingredients and additives, such as essential oils, herbs, or colorants, resulting in a wide variety of unique and customized soaps.

Cold process soap is often preferred over detergent-based bars because it retains natural glycerin, which is moisturizing for the skin, while commercial detergents often strip away this beneficial component.

How Should I choose My Wholesale Soap Supplier?

What is the most important factor when choosing a soap supplier to partner with and build your business? There are probaly two crucial elements. One being reliability and the other being the product itself. Getting samples and testing a product is fairly easy to do. On the other hand how can you check reliability. Many manufacturers will allow you to speak to one of their customers so you can get a different point of view.

Time in business is probably the best indicator of reliability. You can check this from the whois record archives of the domain archive. Be sure they have commercial address and are not working out of their home. Also ask if you can visit. We allow visiters all the time. A medium size soap factory will probably have a more flexible operation that allows for custom wholesale products compared to a large operation.

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Handmade Soap Questions

Yes! Please leave us a note at checkout and we will leave your loaves whole.

There are 9 bars per Wholesale Soap Loaf.

Lye is used in the saponification process. The lye mixes with the oils to make the soap. The end product is actually called "saponified oils" because there is no lye remaining in the bar.

Yes, our soap is cold-process soap. This is the "old-fashioned" way of making soap. We have adjusted our techniques as the business has grown to keep the handmade aspect of our soap-making process 100% intact for that "old world artisan" appeal.

All of our olive oils soaps are vegan. We do, however make "Goat Milk Soap" and "Greek Yogurt Soap" which are not vegan. We do have several resellers who specifically market our olive oil soap as "vegan soap" to their customers.

Yes. We can make custom labels using your logo and contact information. Check out our custom label page to see some great examples of labels we have created for our customers. These labels add a great personalized touch and make sure your customer returns to you for additional sales.