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Don't want to cut your own soap? Let us do it for you! All of our premium soap is handmade and hand cut. Crafted with care and precision, our soap bars offer an unparalleled bathing experience for your customers. From refreshing scents to nourishing formulas, our wholesale collection caters to diverse preferences and skin types. Elevate your retail or hospitality business with our high-quality soap bars, perfect for stocking shelves or gifting to family.

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Why should you choose The Soap Guy?

Here at The Soap Guy, we pride ourselves in making the highest quality product possible without the premium pricing. We've spent the last 15 years trying out ingredients from hundreds of different suppliers from all around the globe. We've spent countless hours over the years trying every recipe we could find. Everything from simple 3 oil soap recipes to ones that called for dozens of different ingredients. After a decade of experiments, we've found what we believe to be the best quality soap bar at the lowest possible price.

Don't believe us? It's ok, many are skeptical of our claim. That's why we back our soap with a satisfaction guarantee. We know once you get our soap in your hands, you won't go back to using store bought soap, ever. But don't take our word for it, ask any of our thousands of satisfied customers. We want you to sell as many bath bombs and other bath and body products as possible. Good business for you means good business for us. We mainly sell to small business owners who are also looking for the best products at the lowest possible price. There's a reason they stop shopping around once they've found The Soap Guy. We simply have the best product.

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Handmade Soap Questions

Yes! We have assortment packages listed.

Yes, our soap is cold-process soap. This is the "old-fashioned" way of making soap. We have adjusted our techniques as the business has grown to keep the handmade aspect of our soap-making process 100% intact for that "old world artisan" appeal.

Lye is used in the saponification process. The lye mixes with the oils to make the soap. The end product is actually called "saponified oils" because there is no lye remaining in the bar.

All of our olive oils soaps are vegan. We do, however make "Goat Milk Soap" and "Greek Yogurt Soap" which are not vegan. We do have several resellers who specifically market our olive oil soap as "vegan soap" to their customers.

Yes. We can make custom labels using your logo and contact information. Check out our custom label page to see some great examples of labels we have created for our customers. These labels add a great personalized touch and make sure your customer returns to you for additional sales.

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