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Your Questions Answered by The Soap Guy

Is the soap guy right for me?

We make our soap with the finest food grade ingredients purchased locally from family businesses just like yours and mine. Our formula is the combined result of many years of adjusting for the newest and best information available from the best soap making chemists in today's academia.

Is this Cold Processed Soap?

Yes, we have adjusted our techniques as the business grew to keep the handmade aspect of our soap making process 100% in tact for that old world artisan quality and appeal.

Is Overseas Shipping Available?

Orders that need to be shipped overseas require confirmation previous to payment so when can get you an accurate shipping quote.

Can you Make Money Selling Handmade Soap?

Soap is known as a consumable product that needs to replenished on a regular basis. Your customer is going to buy soap somewhere. This is the best opportunity for a new business to get started. Soap can be addicting and customers will travel cross town to purchase their favorite bar of soap.

Are Custom Labels Available?

Yes, check out our custom label link to see some great examples of labels we have created for current customers.These make a great addition tour special event.

What is your return policy?

All items returned within 30 days will be given a 100% refund. Please call us first for return instructions.

Can We pick up Our Order?

Yes we are open from 9am - 5pm central time. Be sure to call ahead to make sure your order is ready. More info

How Do I Have Success in your Handmade Soap Business?.

Our success depends on your success. So much so that we have been giving away thousands of bars of and bath bombs over the last eight years to try and get our customers excited about their soap business. We get so excited for our customers, for as they grow we grow with them. This was the reason we offered custom labels to small business people right from the start. Private labeling had always been available to the big guys, but it was unheard of for the mom and pop operation. We quickly realized if we could help our customers develop a loyal following for their private labeled offerings, our business would prosper also.

Over the years our lineup of products has grown at the request of our customers.Our latest item is our loofah soap. It is a nice addition to what we are already offering and a complimentary item for our customers bath and body lines. The other hot offering of resent years is our body butter. This is a very exciting item that can offer huge margins with the right presentation. The way is

Are all of these items are available for resale with your own private label?

We also offer a very successful line of bath bombs. When they were first introduced they sold in dribs and drabs and I practically had to beg my current customers to try them After a while their polarity frew to the point where a couple of Christmases a go we could not keep up withe the demand. We have since added more bath bomb presses to our production capabilities and the orders have continued to grow. They have also become our number one give away on our Youtube channel. Be sure and subscribe to our channel for a chance to win a steady stream of great items

What Type of Business do you want to Start?

Almost all soap sellers start at their local farmers market , county fair or similar. This a great way to get instant feedback so you can adjust your product line and marketing strategy early. If you do not want make products you can purchase from a reliable vendor and get yourself started. Working with a local business can eliminate a lot issues including shipping costs.Ask if you can purchase items on consignment so your financial out is limited.

How do I Market My Dreams?

This is a title to a great book by Pat Williams about the life of Bill Veeck. You will need a marketing strategy Be sure and join as many local marketing groups as you can for support and contacts. The longer you stay at it the less time you will spend with these groups The contacts you make will be invaluable. Another great group to join is the handcrafters soap guild. They offer some insurance options that would only be available for group purchasers.

How Much Technical Information Do I Need?

The more you know the better you will be able to discuss the finer qualities of your products with customers and potential customers. It is also true that you don't have to know everything right off the bat. Be sure and keep a log of customer questions that you cannot answer and get back with them as you find out the answer. Your vendors should be a wealth of information for you. Be familiar with saponification, sodium hydroxide, essential oils and other common ingredients.

Where Do I Find the Supplies for Making Soap?

When you first start to make soap for your business chances are your funds are limited so you will want to be extra careful to not spend too much money in one are of your business only to find that now you are short on resources for another area. One place where money can disappear very quickly is money spent on fragrance oils and essential oils.I suggest you just go with tried and true fragrances that are not too exotic when you are starting. You can branch out to new fragrances after you start to generate some cash flow.There are many "best seller' lists on thousands of websites which will help get started buying must haves.Lavender, vanilla and citrus fragrances are always in demand and are also good blending scents to expand your offerings without breaking your budjet. The other tip I have is to try and buy your base oils, like coconut locally to save on shipping. Most of the superstores now carr coconut oil and other soap making oils at great pricing and can really help the budget. The only are I would try and buy some bulk supplies is the area of caustic soda. Bulk purchases acn save significant sums of money as you are most like going to have to pay for shipping anyway. Spraeding that cost over many more pounds of product can really drive down your per unit soap price. Happy soaping.

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We have many great relationships we have developed over the years with customesr new and old alike. Thank you to everyone who has bought from us over the course of our business life. We have been adding many items, soap, bath bombs etc. over the last several years and we hope you enjoy the new selections. The response we are getting is very heartening. Reorder rates are high and I hope this is an indication to you our regular customer that these items your should add to your own line.

We are keeping prices steady this year and we hope this helps you offer specials that keep your customers coming back over and over again.

Resellers Keep premium products as the main stay of your family business and you can never go wrong. It is the best way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. This is a great formula to grow your business. Thanks again.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian