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Welcome to our wholesale lotion collection, where skin wellness meets simplicity and quality. Dive into a selection of nourishing lotions crafted with care and premium ingredients. Ideal for retailers and businesses seeking to provide their customers with gentle hydration and comfort, our wholesale lotions offer a range of options suitable for various skin types and preferences.

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Why we use preservatives in our Wholesale Lotion:

Preservatives are necessary in lotion to maintain the stability and extend the shelf life of the product. While preservatives sound scary, it is important to note that the preservatives we use are 100% safe, and a much more skin-friendly option than the chemicicals added to store-bought products.

We use Optiphen Plus as our preservative. Not only does Optiphen Plus work to provide broad-specturum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, yeast, and mold, but it also contains a humectant with antimicrobial properties, adding to the moisturizing quality of the product.

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We sell our Best Selling Assorted Lotion in 8 ounce jars.

Our staff keeps a current list of best sellers for all of our products. If you need help choosing, we will gladly email you the list to help you get started. You can also just ask us to choose best sellers for your order. We will send you an assortment of fragrances that have been selling best for our customers.

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