Welcome to thesoapguy drop ship- drop shipping Dorrian Valley wholesale soap.


Sorry Drop-shipping has been discontinued


 All of the soap guy's products are available for dropshipping. We will dropship our products without requiring you to pay any type of membership fee. Our only requirement is that there is a $20.00 product minimum on all dropship purchases. This dropship program is easy to set up and allows you to carry all of the Dorrian Valley line without carrying any inventory. Pictures and and further info are available on request. Please contact us for further information.

 The soap guy sells quality handmade Dorrian Valley products. Dorrian Valley natural soaps are hand poured in small batches into old-fashioned wooden molds. These super-fatted soaps retain all of the natural gylcerin, which is typically removed in commercial soapmaking. Many soap makers will not use olive oil because of the expense relative to other natural oils. It is, however, the most luxurious of all soap-making oils. Our exclusive recipe makes our soap the richest soap available on the market today. Go ahead and spoil yourself or give this outstanding little pleasure to a friend.