42 Real Reasons to Start a Soap Business

Need a few reasons to start your very own soap business? How about 41? Find a few motivating items in this list and go for it. Think we missed a few? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Most of all, it will be fun.
  2. You will have to give up watching bad TV.
  3. Your hobby could turn into a real business.
  4. You can do this with your family and spend more time with them.
  5. You will make new friends.
  6. Your hobby business can pay for for travel including working vacations.
  7. You are providing a product that everyone needs.
  8. You are a local business that supports other local businesses.
  9. You will expand your skill set and understanding to all manner of small business tasks from a accounting to marketing.
  10. As a pillar of the local small business community your esteem will grow in the eyes of that community.
  11. You can help local organizations, churches, sports teams with their fund raising efforts.
  12. You can use your own creativity to create unique products that are in demand and only available from you.
  13. You will learn the most effective ways to distribute your products.
  14. You will become intimately familiar with all of the online platforms for selling handmade goods.
  15. You will be doing the environment good.
  16. Your daily challenges will fire up your energy levels.
  17. As your hobby grows you can choose which tasks are best suited for your skills and focus on them.
  18. You can get a tax write off.
  19. You will become friends with your local UPS driver (and many others).
  20. You will learn how to put items for sale on a website.
  21. You will improve your negotiating skills.
  22. You will learn to put fear aside.
  23. You will make contacts with like minded individuals.
  24. You will always be fresh and clean and smelling like a million bucks (no excuses now).
  25. You can do multiple experiments testing different ingredients and fragrances all for fun.
  26. You can use your new knowledge to apply for a patent.
  27. You can use your spouse as a guinea pig.
  28. Criticism will become a motivating factor in your life.
  29. You will learn to work alone.
  30. You will learn to organize a team with a common goal.
  31. Your communication skills with public will evolve and improve, discretion always improving.
  32. Your artistic eye will find new insight.
  33. Your empathy for the world in general will improve as you are thrust into situations where generosity is the only answer.
  34. You family will notice the new improved you.
  35. Trivial and petty distractions will melt away as you focus on the few important things in your new life.
  36. Old bad habits will die hard, but they will die nonetheless.
  37. You will learn the difference between being an employee and an employer.
  38. You will learn not to let one bad customer destroy your faith in humanity.
  39. You learn to rise early.
  40. You will learn to speak in front of a group.
  41. After a hectic day you will enjoy sitting, just sitting.
  42. You may be able to answer the question, who am I?

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