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Mississippi Mud
12 large 5 ounce bars of soap

Mississippi Mud
72 large 5 ounce bars of soap

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Mississippi Mud Handmade Soap

Mississippi Mud is a unique blend of some well known fragrances. It's a custom mix that mainly consists of rosemary, mix of berries, and patchouli. At first glance these fragrances couldn't be more different. But that's the beauty! We love taking time tested fragrances and mixing them with non traditional scent pairs to create our custom fragrances. The best way to describe this fragrance is berry blast with a kick. At first smell, you'll notice the blend of berries that make up the base notes of this scent. The kick comes from the Rosemary, which is prominent at first. This initial aroma makes way for our berry blend and eventually the patchouli.

Don't knock it until you've tried it! This fragrance isn't for everyone but if you want to try something a little different then look no further. It's the perfect blend of earthy, green, and sweet berry tones. The stark contrast between berries and the earthy notes is what really gives it a kick. But the patchouli and rosemary complement eachother well so not every fragrance added here is on opposite sides of the spectrum.

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