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Soapmaking Secrets
the secret is there are no secrets for soapmaking. Go to our recipe page for recipes from a soapmaker who has been making soap for twenty years.
Handmade soap has really taken off the last few years with many hobbyists taking up this addicting craft. I must say I am one of them. From the very first batch I was hooked. The more soap I made the more addicted I became. My favorite day of the is delivery day when one from my fragrance suppliers packages would arrive, and I could smell all the new and wonderful scents I had ordered. And if I found a fragrance that worked well in the soap, well the I was in heaven. After five years of soapmaking I can truly say that we have perfected the formula which gives an amazingly highly scented, yet mild on your skin bar of soap. Since I personally make every batch I take great pride in each bar I will give you my personal guarentee that if you are completely satisfied whith any of the products we sell I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

The soap guy sells quality
handmade Dorrian Valley products. Dorrian Valley natural soaps are hand poured in small batches into old-fashioned wooden molds. These super-fatted soaps retain all of the natural gylcerin, which is typically removed in commercial soapmaking. Many soap makers will not use olive oil because of the expense relative to other natural oils. It is, however, the most luxurious of all soap-making oils. Our exclusive recipe makes our soap the richest soap available on the market today. Go ahead and spoil yourself or give this outstanding little pleasure to a friend.

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