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Turmeric has long be known for a multitude of health benefits. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal acne treatment. Turmeric the spice has been highly sought after for thousands of years. The Soap Guy now offers this fantastic spice in soap form!

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Turmeric Soap - Wholesale Spice Soap

Turmeric Soap

Orange and Grapefruit with other light citrus undertones. Blended with a hint of warm oatmeal fragrance. Sweet but not overpowering. Contains real turmeric!

How to use turmeric for skin?

There are a few different ways to apply turmeric to your skin. Using a mask is great for facial applications. Many masks use organic ingredients to get the most benefit from the turmeric. These items may include raw honey, coconut milk, apple cider vinegar and even egg yolk. Masks may also contain organic flower to help thicken the mixture. Chickpea flower or ground oatmeal work fantastic for this. Since we're soap makers we prefer turmeric soap over a mask! Our soap is quite gentle and works well with sensitive skin. Couple that with the amazing benefits of turmeric and you have one of the best known applications.

Turmeric Face Soap

Since turmeric is a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it makes for a perfect face soap. Turmeric face soap is especially good for acne. As we said earlier, our base soap recipe is very gentle on the skin. You can absolutely use our turmeric soap on the face. Other ingredients that pair well with turmeric for acne fighting power include witch hazel, clay, rose water, green tea, aloe vera, honey and so much much. We also love a small amount of essential tea tree oil for its natural antiseptic properties. Careful not to use too much and always avoid the eyes.

Best Turmeric Soap

Obviously we may be a little bias but we love our turmeric soap! Our soap already works well for people with oily skin. We've gotten many testimonials about how our soap has helped with various minor skin problems. Some of our customers have reported improvment in acne, mild eczema, mild psoriasis, oily skin, and other mild skin irritations. With our turmeric soap, we're trying to make our soap even better for those with sensitive skin.

If you or someone you know does have sensitive skin, we recommend trying just a small amount first. Test the soap on a small patch of skin and see how you respond. We have been making soap for over 2 decades and have never had an allergic reaction claim. But you can never be too careful! Please use your best judgement.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian.

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