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Why Bed and Breakfast Soap?

This soap is pefect for the bed and breakfast owner who needs a premium product to wow guests. Many bed and breakfast owners put out a basket of our soap in the lobby to create another source of income as guests inevitably ask about the soap and want to buy some to take home. It is an easy sale as the guest has already tried the product and then will tell friends and family about
the soap and where they got it. We also private label our soap.
The soap guy sells quality
handmade Dorrian Valley products. Dorrian Valley all natural soaps are hand poured in small batches into old-fashioned wooden molds. These super-fatted soaps retain all of the natural gylcerin, which is typically removed in commercial soapmaking. Many soap makers will not use olive oil because of the expense relative to other natural oils. It is, however, the most luxurious of all soap-making oils. Our exclusive recipe makes our soap the richest soap available on the market today.



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