Oodles of Oils

Knowing which oil to choose if you are in the business of making soaps is important because you will want to know which oils are the best for your target market. If you are in the business of selling you will also want to know which type of oil is best for you to use based on their shelf life and what people are willing to pay for those oils. There are three types, and those are fat, butter and oil.

Key Takeaways:

  • When creating a cosmetic product, the sheer number of oils to choose from can be confusing.
  • Typically, oils are liquid, butters are plant-based solids, and fats are animal-based solids.
  • Fatty acid composition, shelf life, availability and price are what differentiate the various lipids.

“Consider a few key points and you will be on track to making good choices”

Read more: https://makingsoapmagazine.com/2020/01/06/oodles-of-oils/

My Best Advice for Successful Holiday Craft Shows

Holiday craft shows can be stressful and a burden on the average crafter, or they can be a chance to showcase your wares and learn new, exciting skills. This is a great chance to network, which means connecting with other crafters and building a network of friends and colleagues. This network can help you develop new skills, find new clients and customers, and find resources as you need them. Another piece of advice is to have confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should be able to take money besides cash. More specifically have the ability to accept at least two types of credit cards.
  • Practice your checkout process and keep it smooth. It is important to be efficient during this process but also calm, friendly and accurate.
  • Spend a little time setting up your booth to make it as effective and efficient as possible.

“Having a booth at a craft show can be stressful. It’s hard to be super successful right off the bat and it’s tempting to quit. However, it’s better to use the opportunity to learn.”

Read more: http://mbt.resultflow.com/page/leverage/public-content?id=workspace://SpacesStore/f5a76987-23b9-45f0-a16c-3f649168299d

The Two Major Reasons Why Soap & Skin Care Businesses Fail

Soap businesses fail because their business model isn’t strategically planned enough. They think that the products will practically sell themselves because of how desirable the product is. Everybody uses soap so if there is a soap product that works well then the customers will keep coming back, is a common thought people have. It can really get expensive to keep customers coming back to use their products because there are so many out there that serve the same or a similar purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first reason for failure is the small market for this type of product.
  • Getting customers in this market is not as easy as it seems. Remember your competing against the big boys in the industry.
  • Ditch your present business plan and revamp a precise business plan and mission. Show that your product is better than the rest.

“Not enough startups take the time to be silent and listen to their true calling. This isn’t some spiritual, airy-fairy stuff…this is what the most successful people in the world do. They put their phones down and shut their laptops and they create with only their minds, pen and paper.”

Read more: https://www.lovinsoap.com/2019/11/the-two-major-reasons-why-soap-skin-care-businesses-fail/

Argan Rose Pressed Shampoo Bars

These shampoo bars are very different from other bars that have been made from thicker or more waxy ingredients. It made with similar ingredients to a bath bomb, which allows it to melt down just enough to create a rich lather but also able to harden back up and be used again. If there was such as thing as too much lather then this is probably the shampoo bar that would be classified as having too much lather.

Key Takeaways:

  • Argon Rose pressed shampoo bars are popular and the inspiration of an also popular LUSH product
  • The bars create a thick, bubbly and silky lather, described as decadent.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphite comprises the bulk of these unique, shampoo beauty bars.

“It’s structured very differently from other shampoo bars I’ve shared, with no melted fatty hardeners like cocoa butter or stearic acid.”

Read more: https://www.humblebeeandme.com/argan-rose-pressed-shampoo-bars/

What is the Best Camera for Product Photos?

If you are going to be taking photos of your products for a website you are going to want some high quality photos. You don’t necessarily need a large camera with a ton of features to make this happen, but it helps. The set back with one of the larger highly, functioning cameras is that they are difficult to get the hang of, they have a massive amount of settings that can be confusing for new users. Point and shoot cameras work fine, and take better quality photos than they used to, they just don’t have as many settings, same as smart phones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Luckily, a great, mouth-watering product shot need not require an expensive 1000 dollar camera.
  • A regular point and shoot camera is affordable and can deliver the goods.
  • Even a smart phone camera, the most convenient for many, is useable and delivers decent images.

“For many people, at least starting out, product shots means a DYI photo.”

Read more: https://www.modernsoapmaking.com/best-camera-for-product-photos/

The Best Soap Molds to Use for Every Level of Soapmaking

If you’re just starting out making soap you will probably start to notice that a lot of different things can be used as a soap mold. You will find that reusing old food containers is a good way to start because this particular soap mold isn’t expensive to get a hold of. You will want to make sure that the area inside the container is fully cleaned and you may even need to line it with something, like plastic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plastic molds are very good for melt and pour soap and they are usually cut to fit different shapes and designs.
  • Wood molds are very affordable and cheap to make and the wood must be lined with freezer paper so the soap doesn’t stick.
  • Silicone molds are the most common because they allow you to have a very clean corner, however they are heat resistant.

“PVC pipe soap molds are commonly used for puck soaps and have a lot of similar features to HDPE molds. They are heat sensitive and may or may not need to be lined. However, PVC pipes are typically very affordable at local home improvement stores.”

Read more: https://www.modernsoapmaking.com/best-soap-molds-to-use/

Why Make Milk Soap? Because It’s Amazing!

Making milk soap can be fun it’s also great to use for your skin. It has a very smooth texture and creates a smoothing effect on your skin. It also smells and feels nice when you use it. There are several different oils that go into it, and if you’re really passionate about making the soap unique to other soaps out there, you can experiment with different designs and colors. Just start with the recipe that’s provided and start making them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Milk soap is just a soap that is make with fragrances like milk, oatmeal and honey.
  • In order to make this soap, you will need soybean, coconut, sunflower and avocado oils as well as milk and Kaolin clay.
  • You can use different color choices and also even keep it simple with standard white by using titanium dioxide.

“A design idea has been knocking around in my head for a while for a soap in our Round Ripple Mold. The concept is two separate colors poured at the same time to create a pattern similar to the yin-yang symbol.”

Read more: https://blog.thesage.com/2020/01/09/why-make-milk-soap-because-its-amazing/

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have some fun new labels for you to use. Ask for them when you place your order! 

We have created four fun new designs especially for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to add a romantic or passionate soap scent to your line just for Valentine’s Day or whether you want to give some soapy Valentines, we have a soap label for you!

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

What Can You Customize

For shop owners, you can customize your shop name, phone number, logo, etc. You can also change fonts, colors and add text boxes with any new information you may want on your label. Some shop owners like to put the city name on their labels, especially if their shop is in a tourist destination. Or some even like to add the state. Florida, among others, is a popular state for adding state info on soap labels.

For folks purchasing soap for favors, presents, or giveaways, you can customize your event details to the soap label on the demo and see exactly what your labels would look like. You too can change fonts, colors, can add text boxes with any additional information that you may want to add to your label. Adding the event date is a very popular choice for customization. If your even has a logo, you can add that too!

Valentine’s Day Custom Soap Labels

Want To Customize Them Yourself

If you would prefer to customize the labels yourself, check out our full range of new labels in our Etsy store. In our Etsy store you will find multiple listings for custom soap labels. When you click on the listings you will see a link for a demo. On the demo you can see a sample of what your labels will look like with your information. 

Want Us To Do The Customization

If you’re too busy or just find it easier for us to do the customizing, ask our office staff for your custom labels when you place your order. We can take any design you see and add your info to the label. Our team is ready to create your custom labels. Be sure to let them know when placing your order. 

How Much Does This Cost

We offer free custom labels with all bulk soap orders of 72 or more bars of soap and for 10 or more loaves of soap. We provide for all bulk orders as a free service if you would like the free labels. 

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Ordering Fewer Than A Bulk Order 

If you’re ordering fewer than a bulk order, no problem, we offer labels for $0.20 a label for orders less than 72 bars of soap and less than 10 loaves of soap.  Ask for your custom labels when you place your order. Our team will calculate the cost and add it to your order. 

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by checking out our new line of soap labels through our Etsy store to see what’s available and to use our online demo. Or, if you know which label you want, you can ask for it when you place your order.

Add some Valentine’s Day fun and romance with our new custom Valentine’s Day labels. Ask for them today!

30 adorable Free Printable Bath Bomb Tags

We’re offering free, printable bath bomb tags for you! 

30 Free Printable Bath Bomb Tags

Instantly download the bath bomb tags and print at home. Once downloaded, cut out in squares or in circles. We provide instructions with each download so you know how to get the most out of your downloadable, printable bath bomb tags. These are perfect for your shops, gifts for teachers, favors for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… the list goes on! 

These are exactly as pictured. Looking for something a little more custom? Ask us to make some for you when you place your order with us. For bulk orders of 100 or more bath bombs, we offer free custom bath bomb labels. For orders under 100 bath bombs we offer custom labels for $0.20 per label. Ask us about custom labels when you place your order.

Do you have your own logo? Great, send us your logo and we’ll put your logo on the label for you!

Don’t want custom, or you’re in a hurry? Or maybe you just love what you see! Download these super cute designs to use with your order.

Here are our newest designs

30 Free Bath Bomb Tags

Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb” or “You’re the Bomb Valentine” These are perfect to give to that special someone!

Teacher Appreciation

Our Teacher Appreciation bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb Thanks for Everything You Do” or “Teachers are the Bomb” Give bath bombs to teachers, they love to unwind by soaking in the tub!

General Thank You

Our General Thank You bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb” or “Thanks for Everything You Do, You’re The Bomb” Say Thank you by giving a bath bomb or two! 

Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower bath bomb tags say, “Boys are the Bomb” “Girls are the bomb” or  “From Our Shower to Yours” These are perfect for your gender reveal parties!

Bridal Shower

Our Bridal Shower bath bomb tags say, “From Our Shower to Yours” Bath bombs and soap are a popular bridal shower favor!

Bridal Shower Favors


Our Christmas bath bomb tags say, “Hope Your Christmas is the Bomb” or “Hope Your Holidays are the Bomb” These make great stocking stuffers!

General Gifts

Our General Gifts bath bomb tags say, “Soak and Enjoy” or “You’re the Bomb” Give a whole self-care package that includes relaxing bath bombs. 


Our Birthday bath bomb tags say, “Hope Your Birthday is the Bomb” or “Thanks for Coming to my Party, You’re the Bomb” Much better than a standard gift, bath bombs are a fun way to celebrate!

Once you download your tags, simply punch a hole in the top and then tie them around bath bomb with some coordinating ribbon or twine. Easy!

To Print the bath bomb tags, click on any of the links above and print on card stock. Set the printer to print on the highest quality for the best looking tags. For circle tags, punch out with a 2 inch circle punch or a scallop punch. To get square tags, cut along the outside of the design.

Still have questions? Contact us. We’re here and we’re happy to help!

Quick and Easy Add-On item for your store

Want an easy, quick, add-on item for your store? Our wholesale bath bombs will do just the trick. Pair them with bars of soap and you’ll have some very happy customers!

Crazy Love and Very Valentine Bath Bombs!

Let’s face it bath bombs are fun! Often, bath bombs not the item that your customer has come in for but they’re too much fun not to add to their purchase. Especially if you drop a piece into some water! You can put them near the counter or we’ve even seen bath bombs in a bath tub near the front of the store. You may even want to bundle them as part of a gift set. Everyone likes the guesswork taken out of it for them! Especially when they’re buying for someone who’s hard to buy for, you know the one.

Wholesale Bath Bombs

If you’re not carrying these already in your store do yourself a favor and try a small bundle of our best sellers and see how you go. Most of our new bath bomb customers are back very quickly for more. Ask for a combination of our best sellers when you place your order. To test it out, go with the tried and true scents. Then add in any more that you want. Don’t know our best sellers. Not to worry, just ask our office staff and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Easy add-on item for your shop!

Call or email us to get some today! Start your new year with some wholesale bath bombs.