20 Natural Soap Making Ingredients You Haven’t Thought Of

Many commercially made soaps have ingredients that are not good for skin or health in general. Natural soap making can be fun. There are many soap making ideas that can be useful. Citrus-based soaps have a good scent and can be colorful. Soaps with coffee can give a jolt to the skin. Oatmeal-based soaps can make the skin softer. Lavender has been associated with restful sleep and is another ingredient that can make a good natural soap. Shredded coconut pairs well with citrus and can combine with it to make a beautiful scent. Seeds can appear to float within the soap. Pink Himalayan salt is great for removing dead skin cells. Matcha powder has great anti-aging ingredients. Candelua Flowers and Cocoa Powder are two more great ingredients to consider for natural soaps. Rose Petals have been known to soothe and brighten the skin. Activated Charcoal and Vitamin E oil have been known to soothe the skin and are popular natural soap ingredients. Chamomile Flowers and Essential Oils have been known to relax the skin. Rosemary Sprigs are anti-bacterial and help clean the skin. Loose Leaf Tea can look beautiful in a natural soap. Beet Root is great for coloring soap. Honey comes with a lot of nutrients and vitamins that can make skin healthier. Loofah is great if someone wants to exfoliate dry skin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many commercially soaps add ingredients that are unhealthy for your skin, and your health in general.
  • Citrus fruits have a great scent, bright colors and can be a great addition to soap.
  • Coffee has been known to give skin a jolt and it is naturally anti-aging.

“Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, colloidal oatmeal, and quinoa are great all-natural skin-softening additions to for natural soap making. The cellulose and fiber from the oats make an effective skin soother for itchy, irritated dry skin.”

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