The Blessings of the Self-Employed Craft Shop Owner

Thanksgiving occurred yesterday and it is during this time of year when Americans stop for a moment of reflection. What are you thankful for this year? For people who are able to make living sell soaps or other crafts, there is plenty to be thankful for.

First, there is the obvious: using your creativity as means to make money. There are fortunate few that are able to do what they love for a living. Second, is having total control over your health and schedule. Being your own boss means making your own hours which means you can make better personal decisions. If you want, you can have a healthy lunch at home, taking as much time as you need, rather than trying to wolf down a vending machine snack. Also, making your own hours means that you are able to make time with friends and friends, solidifying those relationships. While running an online craft business independently has its hassles, there is certainly a lot that one can appreciate from it. For more on thankfulness, click here:: The Gift of Self-Employment

Great Causes Can Create Great Business for Your Craft & Soap Shop

You’re running your craft shop and feel the need to give back some how. There’s a charity or a cause that you’d like to help support, so why not lend a hand? There are a number of reasons to incorporate certain causes or charities to your craft or soap shop.

Adding a link to your favorite charity or cause onto your online shop’s page gives the customers a window into your personality and what you care about. You’ll find that many within your customer base may have similar passions. If you’d like, it’d be good to create a product or soap and state that proceeds from the sale will go to that particular charity. It’ll help out the cause and probably increase profits in the process. All of this can not only help out your cause and make a few extra sales, but also creates a community around your business that will create a recurring consumer base. For more on social good within your craft/soap business, click here:: 8 Tips to Incorporate Social Good Into Your Business

If Craft Selling Makes You Uncomfortable, Ask Yourself This…

While selling your soaps and crafts online is a good way to make sales, there is still money to be made in face-to-face encounters at a market or craft expo. However, while you do want to profit from your work, the salesman aspect might stick in your craw. Even the word “sales” can bring up images of sleazy men in leisure suits trying to sucker a person into a Pinto.

If this image turns you off from face-to-face sells, then look at it from a different perspective. Ask yourself, “If this person buys my item, will their life improve?” Also ask, “Once this interaction with this person is over, will the world be a better place than when you began?” If the answer to both is “yes,” then there is nothing to be concerned about. You’re giving a good product to good people. There’s nothing shady or shameful in doing that. For more on this perspective, click here:: When You’re Selling, Always Ask Yourself These 2 Questions

Want Better Soap Sales? Get Personal

It can be tough to sell soap and crafts out there at the market or craft expo. Getting a good spot, creating a welcoming atmosphere can help, but there is one thing that can help generate the most sales. That one thing is you.

You don’t have to change who you are, but take a good look at yourself and judge how you might appear to others. Dressing up a little bit can show customers that you are putting on an effort. Make sure that you greet each customer and make eye contact. You don’t have to put on a show, but engaging with customers as they enter lets them know they are acknowledged and you’re there to help them if they need it. Lastly, pay attention to your customer. Ignore the phone calls, leave your book at home. If you appear not to care whether or not you make a sale, the customer won’t care about your product. Keeping these things in mind will hopefully create a great customer base for your soaps and other crafts. For a full article on this topic, click here:: 3 Simple Ways to Be a Better Salesperson