Organizing Ingredients and You

Ever wonder what that type of oil does? Or wonder what benefits this ingredient can add to a soap? Whether you are making soap as a hobby or as a business, it is important to know what your ingredients are, what purpose they serve, and how much you have in supply. It can get messy and disorganized at times, so what should you do?

Whenever you get an ingredient, clearly label it and insert the name into your own “database” via notebook or Word doc. As you have it listed, you may want to add whatever benefits it does (example: exfoliates, smells of roses) in case you want to try it in a new recipe. You may want make other documents with particular benefits at the headline and list ingredients that would add to that benefits (example: under “Heals Skin” put down “aloe”). This way you can have a complete database for you to quickly reference your inventory. For more on ingredient organization, click here:: How do I organize information on my ingredients?

Tumblr Makes for Free Soap Marketing

Reaching out to customers can be pretty difficult at times and social media might not be your strongest suit. However, making a Tumblr page might help.

Tumblr is free and allows you to post photos of your newest soap creations while allowing you to leave your business contact information for followers that are interested. It’s simple and free. Here’s a video with more insight and tips on using Tumblr for your online soap business.

How to Make Your Soap Inventory Last

There are times where you don’t complete sell your inventory and will have to keep your soap stored. You never know when the next big wave of sales could happen. However, even though soap should last, improper storage can damage and spoil your inventory.

With some simple know-how and steps, you can keep your soap spoil-free for nearly forever! Check out the video below for tips.

Soap Shop Beginner Mistakes You Should Avoid

When starting up your soap shop there are a lot of things to consider and it’s not always easy. However, there are a number of mistake rookie soap entrepreneurs make when they are first starting out. What should you look out for?

First, don’t skimp on the product photos, they need to look their best to help sell your soap. Try to keep close track on your inventory so you don’t accidentally sell more than you have. Lastly, don’t underprice your soaps. A reasonable price helps customers understand the worth of your soap along with paying enough to account for supplies to make the soap along with profit. For more rookie craft shop mistakes, click here:: Five Common Etsy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them