When making crafts it can easy to make your crafting space cluttered. Tools cluttered throughout, guides and magazines everywhere, etc. A cluttered workspace can slow you down and make it easy to lose items. What are some ways to fix that?

Cube organizers and filing cabinets are great places to keep bulkier items and paperwork. Front facing book racks can help you stack and see the various sewing guides and recipe books at face value. A dry erase board is perfect for writing up to-do lists. These small steps can make craft-making time more efficient. For more suggestions on how to keep your craft area clutter-free, click here:: Craft Storage Inspiration

Helping Hands for Your Handmade Soap Business

No one can achieve everything on his or her own. Even the best handcrafted soap makers needed some help in order to successfully sell their items online. Who can you turn to for a helping hand?

Family members can help you get started on your business, whether its to help support you financially in the beginning stages or an extra pair of hands to help make your items. Local organizations and classes can help teach you how to manage and organize your business more efficiently. There are also online forums to help you answer questions and get support from your peers. Having a good support network can help your soap business thrive. For more suggestions on helpful hands, click here:: 8 Places to Get Help with Your Handmade Business

Make Bath Bombs At Home!

Bath bombs can add a layer of luxury for to any bath. The bubbling sensation and scent can make bath time a relaxing time. Why not make them at home? The Soap Guy has a great tutorial for anyone who wants to make great bath bombs for yourself or your craft soap shop. Get a full video tutorial with tips below.