Quick Tips to Streamline Your Soap Shop

Your online soap shop is doing okay business, but there’s always room for improvement. There might be some hang-ups that can be fixed in order to save you more time and increase business. What are some things that can be looked into?

Check your order processing system and develop a streamlined system from when you get the order to when you ship it out. Check your inventory and see what items are selling to determine what recipes work and which ones you should pass on making next time. You might even be in a position to hire some help to ease the workload and look at your business with a fresh set of eyes. All of these things can help eliminate hassle in your craft business while helping it grow. For more tips like these, click here:: 10 Tips to Help Established Handmade Sellers Save Time and Improve Business

Cure Dry Winter Skin with Homemade Body Butter

The cold, dry months of winter can make skin cracked and dry. Body butter can help keep skin moist and taut on your hands, joints, and all over. Using some shea butter, baobab oil, chamomile hydrosol, and some other ingredients, you can make an effective body butter at home and customize it with your favorite scent. Get the full tutorial here:: Creating a body butter for the colder, drier winter months

Get Better Photo Backdrops on a Budget

One of the most important elements of any online soap or craft shop is the photographs. A good picture of your soap or craft can tantalize prospective buyers and entice them to make a purchase. Any quality photo has a backdrop that can help enhance the soap’s presence, but many professional backdrops can be expensive. But who says you need to buy a backdrop?

You can use a lot of different items around your home as backdrops to make your soap stick out. For fun, whimsical soaps, you can use brightly colored beads or balloons against the wall in the background. Rustic soaps made of organic material can be shot near woven baskets, trees, or a quilt. Even a colorful shower curtain can be a fun backdrop. There are many great options out there if you use your creativity. For more photo backdrop idea, click here:: 9 Ways to Make Pretty and Easy Backdrops

Get the Luck of Irish with This Blarney Stone Soap

Got a little Irish in ya? Then make some lovely soap that looks like it was carved out of the Blarney Stone itself. Using mango butter melt and essential oils, you can make a great soap at home that blooms with the scent of white tea and ginger. It makes a fine gift for your friends or craft shop customers for St. Patrick’s Day! Get the full recipe here:: Blarney Stone Soap Recipe

How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Soap Sales

Okay, so you have your online soap shop running on all cylinders. Finances are managed, website and social media are updated, soap inventory is ready to be shipped. Is there anything you’re overlooking? What about the weather?

While it may sound silly, the cold winter months might affect your online soap business. Items might take longer to ship via airmail if snow is keeping the planes grounded. If your soap isn’t properly stored, certain soaps might freeze and get brittle. Lastly, if you are snowed in and the power is out, you won’t be able to get more supplies to make soap nor internet access to accept your orders. Keep all these things in mind and have plans in place in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. For more hazards cold weather has for small businesses, click here:: 7 Cold Weather Risks for Small Businesses

Naturally, Safely Deodorize Your Doggie’s Breath

You love your dog, but his breath smells like… well, a wet dog. Take care of your pooch’s breath by making a natural fresh breath gel to treat their tongues and teeth. With vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, spearmint essential oil, and rosemary essential oil, you can create a safe breath gel that will allow your pup to lick your face without you scrunching your nose. Get the full recipe here:: DIY Natural Fresh Breath Gel for Dogs

Soap Shop Success Requires Time and Patience

Some people start their online soap shops and success comes quickly. Orders are made, sales accrued, money collected. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes it can take months before people start appreciating and noticing your product. It can be difficult and you’ll start to question yourself and your talent. Business is a relationship and those can take time. You best bet for success is to keep your mind on that. For more a full story about pressing forward with your crafts, click here:: When Will Their Love for Your Business Blossom?