Dealing with Fragrance Oils and Discoloration

There are a number of fragrance oils to choose from that can add lovely scents to your soap. However, many fragrance oils can alter the color of your soap to a less appealing hue. What can be done about this?

The majority of fragrance oil discoloration is due the oil having notes of vanilla in it. The vanilla naturally darkens most soaps into a shade of brown over time. There are some color stabilizers for melt and pour soap, but it will only delay the browning for a short time. Your best bet is to double-check the ingredients of your fragrance oil to prevent discoloration from happening. For a full article about soap discoloration and solutions, click here:: Best Selling Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils and Discoloration

What Should You Charge for Soap?


Friends and family have complimented your soap enough that you decided to open an online soap shop. You spent a pretty penny on quality ingredients and hours to make the best soap out there. So in the end, how much should you charge for your handcrafted soap?

It is important not to overcharge or else you’ll shy away customers, but at the same time you have to be able to pay for your materials and profit something for yourself. Basically, follow the formula:

Materials + Labor + Expenses + Profit = Wholesale x 2 = Retail

Take the total price above and divide by the number of bars of soap you’ve made. This will give you a good pricing starting point. For more details and suggestions on soap pricing, click here:: How to Price Your Products for Profit

Soap Business: How to Make ‘Trying’ More Effective

Running an online soap shop can be rewarding, but is far from easy. Making the soap you want at a high quality, interacting with customers online, and shipping out orders can be taxing. It is easy to fall short, even when you try your hardest. However, ask yourself if your “trying” is effective.

Ask yourself what “trying” really looks like. Not internal struggle or stress, but what physical evidence or visible efforts can you display to prove your effort? If you can point to a pile of made soap, a list of orders, or a Facebook post with a myriad of comments, then you can rest easy to know that you tried your best and there is no need to question your work ethic. For a full article on trying, click here:: What If You Tried Really Hard?

How to Make Lotions That Last Longer

You want to add lotions to your list of products on your online soap shops, but there’s a snag. You want to create a lotion that will last longer than your competitors and lock-in moisture on the skin and keep it hydrated. How can you make that happen and get ahead of the game?

Take a look at your lotion recipe and see if you can add in a humectant like glycerin or sodium lactate while adding an occlusive ingredient in order to trap in the moisture. Some quality humectants include cocoa butter, allantoin, or dimethicone. For more suggestions on how to make your lotion more effective for longer periods of time, click here:: How to make a longer lasting lotion?