Which Soap Making Process is Best?

You love the smell and feel of handcrafted soaps and you wish to expand your creativity to make some yourself. However, there are a number of ways to make soap that may or may not be right for you due to your skills, equipment, or interest. What are the primary methods to make great soap?

Melt and pour soap is probably the easiest way to start making soap since you don’t have to work with lye and just need to add fragrances and ingredients to the soap base. Cold process or Hot process soap, however, allows you completely make a custom soap from scratch and allows you more control over every ingredient you add to your soap. Milling soap allows you to make a soap with a cold process or hot process then refining with it a second time with additional ingredients or colors. For more details on these soap making processes, click here:: What Method of Soapmaking is Right for You?

Run Your Soap Shop Drama-Free

Running an online soap shop from home can be stressful. Balancing budgets, getting supplies, making soap, shipping out products, etc. can wipe a person out. It can build up and get dramatic, but you can overcome it.

Just take a moment, breathe, and ask yourself “What do other people do when they are trying to fix this problem?” Whatever issue you are facing, know that someone else has had it and has overcome it. Likely, one of the answers in your head can solve the problem and you can move forward. For a full article on this topic, click here:: How to Take the Drama Out of Running Your Business

Get Your Ideal Customers to Your Soap Website

Okay, so you already have an inventory of awesome soaps to sell. You have your website and online store ready to go. All you need now is customers. However, not everyone is going to go ga-ga over handcrafted soap. So how can you appeal to your target audience?

You can advertise your website at places where people who buy crafts would visit and hang out, online or in real life. Find out if your target customers communicate whether its through message boards, Facebook, Twitter, or newsletters. By getting into the mind of your ideal customer, you’ll know what moves to do as opposed to wasting time trying to appeal to everybody. Get more advice from a full article on this topic:: How to Bring Quality Targeted Traffic to Your Online Shop