Take Stock in Yourself, Your Soaps, and Double Profits

Things are going steady with your soap shop business, but they could be better. Revenue is stagnant and nothing seems to spark it up. So what can you do?

Take a peek to see what is causing any profit leaks. Are there any needless expenses? Are there less expensive places where I can get my supplies? Also, take an honest assessment of your website and maybe make some aesthetic changes. Doing some self reflection can help create external profits in the long term. Get more suggestions on how to double your revenue here:: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit. Really.

Is Your Soap Shop Mobile-Friendly?


A lot of elements make up a successful online soap shop. High quality photos of products, an easy-to-navigate webpage, and shareable content all lead to more traffic and sales. However, many soap shop entrepreneurs neglect mobile devices when structuring their website.

As time goes on, more and more people are shopping from their smart phones and tablets, so it is important to make sure your website is “mobile-friendly.” Make sure that your website layout is basic and has legible print for a mobile phone. Keep track of your mobile traffic and ask your friends what they prefer to see when shopping from their phone. Making sure that your site is mobile-friendly will help you get those extra sales from people on the go. For more on mobile websites for craft sellers, click here:: Is Your Shop Optimized for Mobile?

Make Use of Leftover Soap Scraps

You’ve made a bunch of different soaps for your inventory, cut them up into bars and ready to be bought and shipped. Yet you have a bunch of soap shavings and scraps that are too small to make a full bar. Don’t let them go to waste!

You can take those scraps to make rebatch soap using distilled water or hot tea. These scraps can turn into a rustic looking soap that you could sell. Another option is to take the scraps and mix it with washing soda and baking soda to clean your laundry. There are a number of uses for any leftover soap scraps you might have. For more suggestions and inspirations, please click here:: How to Use Leftover Soap Scraps

Photo Mistakes That’ll Cost You Soap Sales

We have stated before about the importance of quality photos for your soap shop website. The pictures of your soap can help entice a potential buyer if they appeal to the eye. However, there are a number of photo mistakes that could potentially jeopardize your soap sales.

Underexposed or overexposed images can make soap appear in the wrong color and lose any details in the highlighted areas. Too many shadows can cover up details and give the soap an ominous look. Grainy images prevent the customer from seeing how gritty or smooth a soap can be. Taking your time to make quality photographs will help your business out in the long run. For more mistakes people make when photographing soaps, click here:: 12 Common Photography Mistakes that Might Be Costing You Sales