Fully Customizable Bath Bomb Recipe + DIY Instructions

You can make bath bombs at home using natural herbs and ingredients that are better for you than those that are store-bought. You can invent your own combination, like oatmeal rose; you can really get creative here. Understanding the ingredients is important to successfully making your own bath bombs. Fine sea salt, for example, is integral, because it makes the bath bomb fizz up. Another important aspect is oil, which helps moisten the mixture without causing it to fizz up before you want it to. Witch hazel is a great natural binder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bath bombs are fun creations that you can customize by using different herbs, flowers, essential oils and colors.
  • For this recipe you will need baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, melted coconut oil, essential oils, witch hazel and wax paper.
  • When you finish your bath, make sure you take precaution as the floor could get slippery from the essential oil used in the bath bomb.

“At the bottom, there are also two full bath bomb recipes, including photos. These too are from Jan’s book and show just how versatile the basic bath bomb recipe can be. To make the basic bath bombs seen in the photos, use the basic recipe along with rose kaolin clay, rose petals, and rose geranium essential oil.”

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Creamy Goat Milk and Rose Clay Handmade Soap

With handmade goat milk and rose clay soap, you can enjoy a luxurious, sultry experience in the comfort of your own home. Goat milk in particular has wonderful skin-softening benefits, and the added benefit of being gentle on skin. Goat Milk also has the unique benefit of containing lactic acid, which can help remove dead skin cells. It’s also naturally anti-biotic. Rose makes it smell beautiful, and coconut oil will give the soap an added level of nourishment for the skin. Goat milk and rose clay soap is easy to make from home.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ingredients needed for this soap include castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut and olive oil, shea butter, goat milk, lye, and a fragrance.
  • In order to make this soap you will need to freeze the goal milk overnight to prevent the lyre from burning the milk.
  • You can add any essential oil you’d like to the candle to make it smell the way that you like.

“Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid, which can help remove dead skin cells. It is also an excellent moisturizer because is rich in natural lipids, which lock in moisture and help maintain the ideal pH level of your skin.”

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Lavender Oat Foaming Bath Salts

These bath salts are perfect for soaking in a tub with because they are soothing and good for sore muscles, because they contain magnesium, which is perfect for your muscles, especially if you have been working them tirelessly. These bath salts are made with two unique types of bath salts that prevent clumping. It also contains a dye that turns the water a pretty purple color and the lavender scent is great for aromatherapy. These salts will give you a spa like experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lavender oil is a great oil to use because it can help sooth muscles, prevent inflammation and it smells nice.
  • Dendritic salt has more surface area than regular salt and is better at absorbing things so it holds fragrances better.
  • When you are mixing together the bath salts you should wear a mask to prevent inhalation of materials and dust.

“They are dendritic salts and Natrasorb. Both have very unassuming INCIs—sodium chloride and tapioca starch, respectively, so they’re quite unassuming on ingredient labels, but they’re both quite different from plain ol’ table salt and tapioca starch.”

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