58 Photography Terms You Need to Know

If you are an amateur photographer, it’s important to understand the common terms used by professionals. There are color terms, like balance, space, and temperature, which all have to do with the vibrancy of the photograph. Also, lighting terms like ambient light, bounce lighting, soft lighting, highlights, and white balance are important to understand. All in all, if you speak the language of photography, you’ll be able to articulate exactly the type of image you would like.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning photography terms, even for an amateur photographer, is important is key to obtaining quality images.
  • Lighting is key in photography, so know the difference between ambient light, bounce lighting, and white balance.
  • Underexposure occurs when to little light hits the film, while overexposure occurs when too much light hits the film.

“If you hire a pro photographer, it’s easier to get what you want if you ask for it in their language.”

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