Bath Bomb Insanity

Is it just me or is it insane that single largest ingredient by weight in a bath bomb is baking soda which usually runs about .50 cents per lb and many retailers are asking over $6.00 for each individual bomb.


Yes there are other ingredients, come on now, I haven’t observed any bath bombs made from gold dust. Now that I have said that someone will find one on the internet and send me a link to it. I have provided a link to another bath bomb maker complete with recipe so you can make yours at home for a nominal cost||make bath bombs at home.

One thought on “Bath Bomb Insanity”

  1. I am lucky, because I live near a chemical supplier, so I get lye for $50 for a $50# bag (soapmaking, of course), same for citric acid & baking soda is only $35. My high end costs are cocoa butter, slsa & fragrance oil.
    I have a 5.5 oz one that I charge $5.75 for. My costs are what they are, & I include my time (at minimum wage) & charge 3x & I include sales tax.

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