Best Practices in Measuring

When making soap, many DIYers find themselves wondering which measuring tools provide the most accurate results. Most recipes do not provide readers with a concise idea of consistency and precision. This is why spoons and cups are not always the best measuring tools. Purchasing a digital scale is a wise investment for any soap maker, as they measure not only pounds and ounces, but grams too. This makes them much more accurate in weighing various materials.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to making homemade cosmetics consistency is key. Tools like measuring spoons and cups are not consistent.
  • Measuring tools that are the norm in cooking are given to approximations, which is fine for a goulash, but not for a facial mask, which should deliver specified results each time.
  • For cosmetics, it’s best to eschew the measuring equipment and go for a digital scale, which will be far more precise.

“Unfortunately, an alarming number call for measured ingredients, in cups and tablespoons.”

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