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30 adorable Free Printable Bath Bomb Tags

We’re offering free, printable bath bomb tags for you! 

30 Free Printable Bath Bomb Tags

Instantly download the bath bomb tags and print at home. Once downloaded, cut out in squares or in circles. We provide instructions with each download so you know how to get the most out of your downloadable, printable bath bomb tags. These are perfect for your shops, gifts for teachers, favors for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… the list goes on! 

These are exactly as pictured. Looking for something a little more custom? Ask us to make some for you when you place your order with us. For bulk orders of 100 or more bath bombs, we offer free custom bath bomb labels. For orders under 100 bath bombs we offer custom labels for $0.20 per label. Ask us about custom labels when you place your order.

Do you have your own logo? Great, send us your logo and we’ll put your logo on the label for you!

Don’t want custom, or you’re in a hurry? Or maybe you just love what you see! Download these super cute designs to use with your order.

Here are our newest designs

30 Free Bath Bomb Tags

Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb” or “You’re the Bomb Valentine” These are perfect to give to that special someone!

Teacher Appreciation

Our Teacher Appreciation bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb Thanks for Everything You Do” or “Teachers are the Bomb” Give bath bombs to teachers, they love to unwind by soaking in the tub!

General Thank You

Our General Thank You bath bomb tags say, “You’re the Bomb” or “Thanks for Everything You Do, You’re The Bomb” Say Thank you by giving a bath bomb or two! 

Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower bath bomb tags say, “Boys are the Bomb” “Girls are the bomb” or  “From Our Shower to Yours” These are perfect for your gender reveal parties!

Bridal Shower

Our Bridal Shower bath bomb tags say, “From Our Shower to Yours” Bath bombs and soap are a popular bridal shower favor!

Bridal Shower Favors


Our Christmas bath bomb tags say, “Hope Your Christmas is the Bomb” or “Hope Your Holidays are the Bomb” These make great stocking stuffers!

General Gifts

Our General Gifts bath bomb tags say, “Soak and Enjoy” or “You’re the Bomb” Give a whole self-care package that includes relaxing bath bombs. 


Our Birthday bath bomb tags say, “Hope Your Birthday is the Bomb” or “Thanks for Coming to my Party, You’re the Bomb” Much better than a standard gift, bath bombs are a fun way to celebrate!

Once you download your tags, simply punch a hole in the top and then tie them around bath bomb with some coordinating ribbon or twine. Easy!

To Print the bath bomb tags, click on any of the links above and print on card stock. Set the printer to print on the highest quality for the best looking tags. For circle tags, punch out with a 2 inch circle punch or a scallop punch. To get square tags, cut along the outside of the design.

Still have questions? Contact us. We’re here and we’re happy to help!

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DIY Peppermint Bath Bomb

A peppermint bath bomb would make the perfect holiday gift this year, and is fun and easy to DIY at home! All you’ll need is Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and peppermint fragrance oil. If you don’t like peppermint, you can swap it out for any other delicious scent!

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